The Beginning

Bespoke Bloke began in March 2011.  The catalyst was the launching of a new ad campaign.  The thoughts behind these pictures yield a multitude of elements that when reviewed individually, form interesting tidbits that all serve to unite what I call “the story” behind the room.  I talked about all these “tidbits” with a few close friends when one dear friend stepped forward and said “Blog!”  So…I decided to give it a go!  My focus, as the months come and go, will be to share the thoughts behind the photo shoots and to discuss my adventures in design.  In doing this I will be sharing the people, places, and things that are helping me evolve as a designer and that enable me to create thought provoking interiors.

 I hope you enjoy the journey.



Bespoke:  a term, generally British, employed in a variety of applications to mean custom made.

Bloke:  a term, once again, generally British, used to refer to a man.