Beauty & the Beast, A Tale of Caprice


At a house in Charleston near Tradd and East Bay

My story begins one October day…


A young girl named Maria was up in her room,

Planning a design for her Halloween costume.


This year she would create something chic & mature.

This year her costume would resemble couture.


Maria had developed an interest in fashion

A secret to no one – it had become her great passion,


In her room she had gathered an impressive collection

Of  fashion magazines – an extensive selection.


Often Maria would sit with her mother

Critiquing deisgners, one after another


As a result Maria knew most designers by name.

She took note each month who had risen to fame.


Her favorites this year formed a list rather lean:

Vivienne Westwood

Philip Treacy

Stella McCartney &

Alexander McQueen


But one more designer caught her attention that day

When she discovered the creations of Laetitia Crahay


Without hesitation she was instantly inspired!

Maria knew what to do and what it required.


She grabbed her scissors that she knew would be needed

And down the staircase Maria proceeded.


Sneaking into the drawing room, she closed the doors.

The housekeeper did not notice, being busy with chores.


Alone in the room, Maria started to clip…

No one knew she was there, so away she did snip!


The front door opened, right about then

Home from shopping, Maria’s mother walked in.


The housekeeper called  “Maria... Your mother’s returned.”

Which was followed by silence…this conjured concern!


When they both called, “Maria” no response was detected.

They rushed up the stairs as mischief was suspected!


They looked behind curtains

Under beds

Behind chairs

And in all the closets

Before returning downstairs


That’s when they noticed the closed drawing room door

And inside they discovered Maria sitting on the floor.


In one hand were scissors, in the other a patch

And on her headband, the patch had a match.


Maria was sitting next to the new leopard chaise

That had just been delivered… in place a few days!


That’s when they noticed on the chaise in plain view

Maria had snipped, not one hole… but two!


The housekeeper cried ,“ma’am she’s butchered your beast!

She’s cut up your new chaise, piece by piece!”


Maria’s mother calmly asked , “Darling, what did you do?”

Maria’s answer, “couture! but I’m not quite through.”


“Well darling, if those Ears are going to stay on your head…

We’ll just have to find a needle and thread.”


The housekeeper then asked with tears in her eyes,

“Ma’am what color thread would you advise?”


Thus ends my tale of Caprice…

One that includes Beauty…

And also a beast!


Maria grew up to be an accomplished  designer

And her first Paris show could not have been finer!


It was twenty years later and seated on the front row

Was her mother at Maria’s first major show.


At the finale, on the runway, Maria appeared…

Amidst great applauds as the fashionistas  cheered,


She smiled down at her mother, holding back tears…

Her mother was actually wearing those ears!


written by Eric Brown, edited by Sandra Rupp