Hide and Chic

One of my favorite creations has to be the leopard chaise that I placed in the drawing room adjacent the Armillary/Map room shown in “A Turn about the Room.”  We had to wait ten months to finally receive it.  I must say it was worth the wait.  The fabric came from Luigi Bevilacqua.

Initially located in Fondamenta, San Lorenza in the Castella District, Luigi Bevilacqua in now situated in Riva Di Biasio, along the Grand Canal in Venice.

The fabrics they provide are works of art.  For almost 300 years Bevilacqua has nurtured the increasingly rare skills involved in creating some of the world’s most rare and stunning textiles.

Although the chaise I created is entirely a result of Italian design, my inspiration came from India via Germany via France.  Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, later known as Le Corbusier, famous architect, designer, urbanist, writer, and painter produced an intensely chic leopard skin lounge for the Maharaja of Indore.  The order came from German Eckart Muthesius, who was Commissioned by the 25 year old Maharaja to create the new interiors of his palace in 1930.

Image from www.metropolismag.com

Some of my favorite “Skin” applications are the chairs in the drawing room of Jeweler, and Bookbinder, Romilly Saumarez-Smith.  The fabric was rewoven to match the original.  Romilly’s husband, Charles, was Director of England’s National Gallery from 2002- 2007.  He is currently Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Cover from The World of Interiors, February 2006; Pendant by Romilly Saumarez-Smith; Book Binding image from www.booktryst.com - Shakesphere, William Antony & Cleopatra Guildford, England: Circle Press, 1979 from an edition of 300 copies bound by Romilly Saumarez-Smith collection of Linda L. Brownrigg


I have always loved the hallway carpeting at Templeton, the Long Island Estate of the late Mrs. Winston Guest (C. Z. Guest.)  My favorite element is the worn center seam.

Image from 'House & Garden' - June 2004

This portrait of C. Z. Guest by Salvador Dali is one of my favorite portraits.  An interesting tidbit, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were the godparents of her children.  One of my other favorite portraits just happens to be Gerald Leslie Brockhurst’s portrait of the Duchess of Windsor.


A Painting by Salvador Dali

A Portrait from Sotheby's Catalogue - by Brockhurst

The fabric that I used on a pair of French chairs in a home in Greenville, South Carolina, is similar to the pattern of the Templeton hallway carpet.

This ad for Peter Dudgeon is stunning.

an ad for Peter Dudgeon

A 1964 photo by Patrick Lichfield of Grace Coddington, British model and former editor of British Vogue exhibits incredible style…

an image from www.bluetramontana.com